Question: Do I have to be Native/Indigenous to purchase?

Answer: NO! You do not have to be native/Indigenous to purchase! Our products are made for everyone to purchase and enjoy!

Question: Do you ship internationally?

Answer: At the moment, we only ship to Canada. On the top right hand corner there is a conversion button that will switch everything to Canadian currency.

Question: Where are you located?

Answer: We are located on the Soboba Indian Reservation in Southern California.

Question: Do you do pop up shops?

Answer: Yes. Currently we do popup booths at least once a month! Check out our pop up schedule on "Pop Up Sales!"😉

Question: Do you offer free shipping?

Answer: At the moment the only free shipping we offer is when you spend over $150.

Question: Do you whole sale?

Answer: We DO NOT whole sale our products! 

Question: What happens if the product "breaks"?

Answer: If your product breaks, we are not responsible. We also do not fix any beadwork.